Scooter Insurance

Several studies about scooters show that these low-powered motorcycles are the most cost-efficient choice of land transport. It is a more comfortable alternative than the usual motor bike.

Scooters have incredibly low fuel mileage such as the smallest model from Honda (50 cc) which gets 100 plus Miles per Gallon or MPG. Even the biggest scooter only records 52 MPG. These low-mileage scooters are fairly inexpensive. You can get one for as low as $1, 600 (brand-new). Likewise, sales have been increasing since 2008 as indicated by the rise in the number of people purchasing scooters. These small motor bikes can be parked anywhere and will cost you only a measly $3 for the entire day compared to $30 for an automobile.

Lower Insurance for Scooters

At the same time, more scooter owners are getting moped insurance and this figure has gone up by almost a quarter in the previous years. This type of insurance is comparatively economical than any other coverage for motor vehicles. Moped registration increased by 1.1 percent while helping reduce traffic as well as transport and running expenses. The only significant risk for these bikes is the possibility of theft since these are very light and easy to pilfer. Thus, it is advisable to choose scooter insurance which includes third party liability, theft and fire coverage. The good news is that many insurance companies are offering attractive deals in terms of coverage. Moped owners pay as low as $90 annually for basic liability while motorcycle policies can cost as much as $500 every year for the same terms and benefits.

Purchasing Moped Insurance Policies

Scrutinize the liability coverage before you acquire scooter insurance plans. This is important since majority of policies will not provide benefits in case the biker is the cause of any accident. See to it that a provision on stealing is included because this the widespread reason in the loss of moped bikes. It is practical to get the most expensive plan since you are guaranteed of a comprehensive coverage.

Consult your insurance company and ask for a detailed plan for your scooter. Check out websites of motor vehicle insurance firms to find companies that handle insurance for electric scooters. There are brands of motor bikes sold in foreign countries which cannot be covered by bicycle insurance in the United States. Hence, be careful in buying scooters abroad since you may not even be able to use it in the country.

State Requirements

State and local governments require moped insurance only for scooters that are used in national highways. The primary objective of this coverage is protection for the diver since the risk of accidents is greater for light, two-wheeled vehicles. The policy is meant to shoulder the costs of injury and damages for concerned parties and ensure that the driver will not be answerable for all expenses resulting from the mishap. In most cases, the requirements for scooter insurance are combined with government licensing prerequisites to make it easier for the owner. This means that moped owners should register their bikes, secure license plates, and settle the necessary government licensing fees. The transportation office will ask for a proof of insurance to facilitate processing.