Harley Davidson Insurance

Harley Davidson motorcycles are very expensive. One 2013 model costs approximately $13,400. That is why you can expect Harley insurance to be quite steep.

The coverage for accessories can cost $3,000, and that is for helmets and safety gear alone. Nonetheless, you can choose from a broad range of policies suitable for your motorcycle. Liability insurance as well as comprehensive and collision policies are available. The Total Loss Coverage plan answers for the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). It pays for a brand new motorcycle of the same type and model in case of loss. There are also inclusions for uninsured and under-insured motorists and medical expenses.

Insurance Features

Additional features of the Harley Davidson insurance policy consists of Trip Interruption Coverage (TIC) and Roadside Assistance. The TIC is given to those who get cut off on any road trip because of mechanical failure. The carrier will be liable for costs of transportation, food and accommodations. On the other hand, Roadside Assistance is for transport of any Harley motorcycle to the nearest accredited repair hub. However, this motorcycle insurance plan is not available for all states or situations.

Prestigious Insurance Provider

Harley Davidson insurance makes sure that you obtain sufficient coverage as well as customer and claims services from insurance agents who are well-versed with these upscale motor bikes. Harley insurance is underwritten and administered by one of the leading insurance carriers in the country, The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies. Harley Davidson motorcycle owners can look forward to a wide category of alternatives which range from essential liability insurance up to absolute coverage with additional protection for custom parts and equipment. In short, there is an appropriate policy for almost every rider. Furthermore, insurance plans are available for majority of makes and models to include other brands of motorcycles. This is not just ordinary insurance in the works. Harley Davidson Insurance is meant to protect everything that Harley is built on. These are the riders, the Harley motorcycle, and the Harley way of life.

Protection Plans

Harley Davidson also offers protection for its customers. What happens if your motorcycle is stolen and never recovered? Insurance companies may not accept responsibility for the variance between the insurance firm balance and loan payments. Once this happens, you are forced to pay for this exorbitant amount. The so-called GAP Plan settles the difference between your outstanding mortgage form the date of loss up to $25,000 and the fair market value of the motorcycle. The insurance deductible is also covered up to $1,000. Thus, it will be easier for you to buy a new Harley motorcycle.

Part of the Harley Insurance package is the Debt Protection Plan. This is offered by the Harley Davidson Financial Services in case the owner loses employment while in the middle of paying monthly amortizations. This debt program will cover loan payments for the motorcycle in case of forced termination from work as a result of ailments or accidents while at work or off the job. Your loan may even be revoked if the accident turns to be fatal.