ATV Insurance

ATV insurance is meant for all-terrain vehicles, which adventurists and thrill-seekers own.

All-terrain vehicles are favored by motorists who prefer off-road units with four low-pressure tires for more stability on rugged roads. ATV insurance is vital so you need to understand carefully the features, benefits and costs of this special policy. Of course, it is important to take safety courses particularly those who have no sufficient experience in driving these all-terrain vehicles.

Insurance Coverage and Protection for ATV Owners

Your initial concern for ATVs is personal liability insurance. This is coverage for body injuries and damage to other persons only if you are at responsible for the mishap. It also answers for the medical expenditures, legal costs and lost compensation of other people. Nearly all states require liability insurance. On the other hand, collision coverage is a way of dealing with damages to your all-terrain vehicle. This is in case you bump another ATV or another vehicle collides with your vehicle. The policy also includes ATVs that overturn. It is possible to have insurance requirements for collision if your ATV is financed or leased.

Inclusive insurance will answer for damages incurred by your all-terrain vehicle which is not the result of a crash. These include natural calamities such as fire and flooding as well as loss arising from theft, vandalism and, falling objects. This ATV insurance plan also encompasses custom spare parts and equipment. Uninsured and under-insured plans refer to insurance for your ATV which is spoiled or ruined in an accident caused by unidentified, uninsured or under-insured drivers. Likewise, this covers hospitalization expenses for you and your passengers in a similar accident that results in injuries. Medical insurance coverage is meant for hospital bills incurred in injury treatment regardless of who is responsible for the catastrophe. Incidentally, the endorsement from the original equipment manufacturer guarantees that aftermarket and reclaimed replacement parts will not be used in repairing your ATV.

Discounts for ATV Insurance

Discounts may be obtained for certain ATV insurance policies. The multi-policy markdown is given by some insurance firms if you have sports insurance, car and home insurance plans with that company. This can be a maximum of 35 percent depending on the provider. Multi-vehicle reduction is an incentive for those who insure their all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, automobiles and snow mobiles under one carrier. However, water vessels are not part of this promotional offer. The maximum discount given is five percent. The ATV discount on safety courses is extended to ATV owners who finish successfully an accredited safety course. The reduction can be as much as 10 percent.

Some insurance companies also offer riding association discounts for owners who become members of riding associations. Eligibility has been granted to some 25 national organizations. This is 10 percent money off for the policy holder. You can also save a maximum of 19 percent if you choose to settle your annual premium in full. The homeowner discount of 20 percent is granted to those who own houses, condo units, mobile homes, or town homes which are 10 years and below. Finally, holders of ATV insurance can save 20 percent comprehensive coverage for individuals with radio or Global Positioning System-theft recovery devices.